The Best Phone System For Your Business In May 2024

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  • 30-day money back guarantee
We score our brand partner based on: Successful matches, brand engagement and coverage.

Ooma is an internet-based business phone service provider that’s easy to use and enables you to take work calls wherever you are.

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Low cost
  • 50+ standard features
  • Ring groups
  • Free Mobile app
  • Call analytics
  • Virtual receptionist
  • No long term contracts
  • Free trial
We score our brand partner based on: Successful matches, brand engagement and coverage.

All four Zoom Phone plans have access to unlimited international calling, toll-free numbers and integrations with popular business tools like Slack and Salesforce.

  • Modern cloud phone system
  • Pay-as-you-go plans
  • Centralized management
  • Secure and reliable
  • Low annual fees
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Toll-free numbers
We score our brand partner based on: Successful matches, brand engagement and coverage.

net2phone is an affordable cloud-based phone system provider that offers flexible business communications solutions that are designed to help your business grow.

  • Unlimited calling to 40+ countries
  • Affordable yet feature-packed plans
  • Reliable customer support channels
  • Web & mobile app for voice, video, and messaging
  • SaaS-tool, CRM and API integrations
  • 14 day free trial
We score our brand partner based on: Successful matches, brand engagement and coverage.

RingCentral MVP is a comprehensive cloud-based communication solution tailored for businesses across diverse industries and sizes, encompassing messaging, video, and phone services.

  • 2,000 possible integrations
  • Great reporting tools
  • AI-powered meeting insights
  • Team chat and messaging tools
  • Unified communications
  • Integrate with over 100 apps
  • Interactive voice response systems

What is a Business Phone System?

The right business phone system can revolutionise the way your team works, and how your business operates. Most businesses are now choosing to use cloud-based VoIP systems, which transmit calls over the internet rather than the landline. Such a system can ease the transition to hybrid working by enabling your team to use it from anywhere, collaborating with colleagues and making and taking business calls from any internet-connected device. Plus, in-built unified communications (UC) features – including video conferencing and instant messaging – can make working together across multiple locations simple.

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ProvidersVisit siteVisit siteVisit siteVisit site
Offers phone hardwareYesNoYesYes
Free trial lengthUnlistedUnlistedUnlisted14 days
Best use caseSmall businessesVideo conferencingLow-cost international callsCollaboration
Contract termMonthly and annuallyAnnuallyMonthly and annuallyMonthly
Monthly price$19.95-$29.95$10-$20+$23.99-33.99$19.99-$49.99
Customer support24/724/724/724/7 with most plans
Available plans3434

What to look for in Phone Systems?

Consider these key factors when selecting a telephone system:

1. Scalability: Ensure it can grow with your business.

2. Features and Functionality: Look for essential features and prioritize your communication needs.

3. Reliability: Check uptime guarantees and disaster recovery options.

4. Ease of Use: Choose an intuitive system with simple configuration and call management.

5. Integration Capabilities: Assess the ability to integrate with other business tools.

6. Cost and Value: Evaluate the overall cost and long-term benefits.

7. Support and Maintenance: Reliable customer support and proactive maintenance are important.

8. Security: Verify encryption and compliance with industry standards.


Ooma's interface is designed to be user-friendly and it's hassle-free, quick setup process can be completed on the same day.