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What is POS?
POS (point of sale) systems are designed to help your business process transactions and manage stock. Combining hardware and software, these systems are typically composed of a cash register, card reader, and touchscreen, which all sync information into the back office to help you manage your business more efficiently.

While POS systems are primarily used to handle transactions, the best solutions can also help you manage inventory levels, track staff hours, and build customer relationships through marketing emails. Think of a POS system like an all-in-one retail management system.

Who are the top providers?
There’s a vast range of POS solutions out there so it’s hard to narrow down exactly which is right for your business. We highly recommend Epos Now as one of the top options available. We’re also big fans of TouchBistro, Brilliant POS, Lightspeed Commerce and Toast. Finding out which option is right for your business is the most important step, which is why we match you with the best options for you.
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