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What is Commercial Waste?
Commercial waste is the refuse that your business activity generates. In other words, it’s the rubbish that collects in your bins and skips every day. Deciding how to properly sort and dispose of your commercial waste may not be a glamorous process, but it is very important.

Generally, you have two options: you can obtain the licenses and equipment needed to carry and dispose of your waste yourself, or you can pay for an approved waste carrier to do it for you.

Different waste carriers can deal with different kinds of refuse, from recyclables and packaging to hazardous, electrical, and clinical waste. Usually, your waste carrier will come to your premises as regularly as you need a collection, whether that’s every day or a couple of times a month.

Who are the top providers?
For your commercial waste needs we highly recommend Waste Management, who invest more than anyone else in recycling technologies. We also recommend Global Environmental Group, Republic Services, Rubicon, Waste Connections or – for if you specifically have junk disposal needs – Junk King reigns supreme.
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